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Sales Coordinator

La Quinta - Indianapolis, IN

The responsibilities include:
  • Initiate and Maintain a Direct and Aggressive Sales Effort to meet budgeted goals and achieve Rev Par and penetration growth.
  • Know the market and how to effectively assess what business is a fit for the hotel brand.
  • Directly responsible for making effective sales calls combining telemarketing calls, scheduled appointments, site tours, follow-up and maintenance calls.
  • Evaluate current hotel performance, group pace and update monthly Sales Action Plans to target underperforming segments and/or capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Utilize your relationship with competitor counterparts to identify market trends, opportunity dates.
  • Understand and be able to execute full account qualification, penetration and saturation process.
  • Ability to plan and execute a sales blitz with concentration on a minimum of one key market segment every thirty days.
  • Responsible for staying informed and participating in all RFP solicitations and other brand processes; GDS, HOD, directory and website enhancements and updates along with any other key selling activities related to the brand
  • The understanding and utilization of the Hotelligence report and working with travel agencies is a plus.
  • Creative ability to develop and execute a full market assessment and business plan to include marketing initiatives that encompass all social media outlets, email market marketing, advertisement, radio and other medias that are cost effective and provide ROI.
  • Must be able to handle administration responsibilities including working with group and meeting planners, group entry utilizing computer skills to be able to perform database entry and submit weekly reports.
  • Be creative in event planning and developing promotional campaigns and flyers utilizing brand resources.
  • Be able to prepare annual marketing plan, active in budget processing and revenue maximization.
  • Update sales database weekly and provide weekly and monthly reports to GM and upper management.
  • Meet and develop a relationship with all clients including key decision-makers, influencers top, bookers and group/meeting contacts
  • Design and coordinate (with General Manager) advertising, public relations and promotional campaigns for hotel.
  • Lead the hotel team in developing and maintaining working Marketing plan to meet short and long term goals.
  • Be able to analyze the big picture and adjust to market conditions with a pro-active strategic plan in place at all times.
  • Maintain active involvement in county / city CVB, volunteering for special events/committees to develop and maintain a positive and professional reputation in the community.
  • College preferred but not required
  • Level of Experience: 2 years previous hospitality sales experience with a proven record.
  • Excellent communication, computer, oral and written skills; positive attitude, self-starter with strong initiative and competitive mind set.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Computer literate.

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