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Top 5 Best Things About Fall


sweater1. #SweaterWeather - If you’re in the Southern region, like us, you know that summer days can be sweltering. For heat dodgers, the Fall weather provides the perfect break needed from hot blistering days. Now’s the time to bring out that cozy sweater you’ve be dying to wear!fashion

2. Fall Fashion - Fall is the only season you can get away with putting in minimum effort, yet still looking stylish. In what we call “lazy season fashion”, throw on a cardigan, jeans and boots and call it a day! There are plenty of combinations you can choose from that’ll keep you warm and cozy during the smooth transition of seasons.

caramel apples
3. Fall Treats - The word “Fall” really translates into pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! Nothing says “Hello Fall” like seeing flavors of your favorite foods turn into pumpkin spice. From coffee and yogurt, to your favorite deserts like candy and ice cream; this Fall flavor is everywhere. Nothing is considered off-limits with the pumpkin spice flavor, including hummus, vodka and even salad! Other Fall flavors include salted caramel and caramel apple. These fun flavors can be found in candles, popcorn, milkshakes, and alcoholic beverages.

ferris wheel  fair
4. Festivals/Fairs - Fall is the best season to host outdoor festivals and county fairs. Not only is the weather perfect, but everyone is also ready to eat. Sounds weird right? Think about it, the summer is over, the weather is getting cool which means you’re inclined to cover up more. Who needs to worry about a summer body when there’s deep fried Oreos in front of you? The choice is yours! Also, the festivals are usually themed and include fun for the whole family. You can enjoy live music, great shopping and even take home some awesome giveaways!

5. No bugs - Maybe this isn’t a huge problem for you, but we have seen so many posts regarding bugs retreating back to the dungeons they came from during the summer, that we couldn’t resist mentioning it.
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