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The Holidays are Upon Us


It’s December, which means holiday cheer is filling the air! With Christmas and New Year’s looming ahead, it’s time to get in the holiday spirit, if you aren’t already.

The holidays are a time of fellowship. It’s a time where family and friends come together and celebrate various traditions. The beauty about the holiday season is being able to witness an array of cultures celebrate similar premises of the same concept. Although interpretation may be subject to change depending on geographical location, religion, etc., the holidays always seem to center around the same objective: togetherness.

holidaysThe hospitality industry has changed in such a way that extends hospitality beyond the business elite clientele, and tries to encompass the art of hospitality in all aspects of guests’ lives.For this reason, there are many efforts to increase the “home away from home” feeling, the notion that should you have to stay in a hotel during the holidays, it will at least include elements that make you feel as if you are at home. By serving holiday-specific foods, extravagantly decorating the hotel lobby and exterior, participating in Ugly Christmas Sweater contests with the staff, you can’t go wrong with hotels that cater to that “at-home” feeling and go out of their way to make guests feel welcome.

At Ascent, we recognize and value these traditions. For this reason, we make sure all of our properties provide quality service, and expand the meaning of hospitality by making meaningful gestures to our guests.

From all of us at Ascent Hospitality, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday!
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