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How We Weathered the Storm


Hurricane SavannahPhoto Credit: Stephen B. Morton (AP Photo)

Hurricane Matthew ripped through the Caribbean early last week and reached landfall into the States by Saturday. When we learned that two of our properties were possibly in harm’s way, we wanted to make sure we were thoroughly prepared. Fairfield Inn Savannah and SpringHill Suites Statesboro were two properties that were in the path of Hurricane Matthew and its destruction. We knew that it was going to be a long weekend, but we had faith that our amazing staff members could handle it. And that they did.

While Statesboro didn’t take as big of a hit as other areas, the same cannot be said about Savannah. Thursday afternoon, an evacuation advisory was released, causing chaos and a frenzy among people trying to evacuate. Friday, as the anticipation increased, heavy rainfall started rolling in, causing streets and sidewalks to start flooding and elevated levels of Savannah River to overflow onto surrounding platforms.

Throughout the weekend, Savannah took a big hit with powerful winds and heavy rainfall. Some roads were even blocked off completely, due to safety concerns. Not to mention, thick sheet walls of rain and gruesome winds that destroyed signs and buildings.

The sense of community among guests was outstanding. Being one of the few establishments that remained open for business, a guest recounts her experience: “Today, we shared a family style lunch with several strangers in a hotel lobby with absolutely no electricity. The manager’s husband drove 45 minutes just to bring a hot meal. He prepared it with love. For about an hour time stood still. We shared stories”.

Although they encountered many difficulties throughout the weekend-power outages, food scarcity, exterior damages, in the end they weathered the storm. Ascent Hospitality is so glad that our staff was able to secure the grounds, while still providing excellent service to those in need. As one guest put it, “The staff has been courageous, and wonderful. To have been stripped away from your family in order to provide service to others is a selfless act. Thank you to the entire staff at Fairfield Inn & Suites.”
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